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Veteran Voices is an ongoing work whose chief goal is to create a body of musical works that express the thoughts, conditions, and inner lives of combat veterans from all wars. In addition, Veteran Voices seeks to help achieve personal harmony for each veteran while simultaneously educating the public on such issues.

The process of composition was first employed by WATIV in his 2005 release, Baghdad Music Journal, which was recorded, produced, and released during Thompson's one year tour of duty in the Iraq War. The current project, Veteran Voices, makes use of audio speech samples collected from various combat veterans and recorded by WATIV. These speech samples are analyzed according to inherent pitch, rhythm, and implied harmony. Composition results accordingly.

For more information regarding WATIV's Baghdad Music Journal see the NPR All Things Considered piece, written and produced by Howard Mandel.

All composition by WATIV, William A Thompson IV. Audio recordings of veterans exist anonymously unless otherwise stated.


released June 13, 2013



WATIV New Orleans, Louisiana

William A Thompson IV, or "WATIV," is a composer, keyboard artist, and electronic musician. His unique music has attracted the much attention from mainstream, as well as alternative, media including NPR's "All Things Considered" and the BBC. His work has been most profoundly impacted by his one year tour of duty spent in Baghdad during the Iraq War in 2004 as a Counter- intelligence Agent. ... more

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